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Christmas 2005

The Seychell family served on the MV Doulos for 2 years between 2005 and 2007. Apart from the normal daily jobs on the ship, they went out with teams in the various ports that they visited. The teams reached out to the needs of the people; from practical work in tsunami stricken countries to comforting the sick in hospitals; help building an orphanage in Africa; providing shower facilities in a prison in Sri Lanka; they assisted in building a school in Cambodia and the list goes on. They did this one day a week, sometimes more, for the two years in 27 countries and 40 ports serving alongside 53 other nationalities onboard; bringing knowledge, help and hope to the nations of the world.

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1. Doulos in Malta 2004 Church in malta
Doulos in Malta 2004

Most of the crew and staff, reaching up to 350 members and from over 50 different nationalities, were young adults and teenagers all dedicated to serve the Lord and the nations.

A Traditional Welcome in Richard’s Bay, South Africa.

2- During our time on the ship we visited 27 nations and 40 ports in 3 continents. As we approached berth we were welcomed traditionally on most occasions.

Visitors queuing to come onboard the ship in Mombasa, Kenya.

3- We received thousands of visitors every time; sometimes queuing for hours to visit the bookshop or to have a tour around the ship. Each one having a multi-national experience onboard and a message of hope.

Inviting a friend onboard in Salalah, Oman.

4- Making friends from all over the world was one of the great privileges we enjoyed.

International Night – Parade of Nations.

5- In each port, onboard programs were organised for every aspect of society – church leaders; prisoners; school children; wives etc. An ‘International Night’ was an event held in every port at a venue ashore or onboard. This was a show depicting the diverse cultures working together and something of their tradition always ending with the ‘Parade of Nations’. The Gospel message was always presented during this occasion.

James servies at Doulos
Outreach and Relief in a remote village outside Chennai, India.
6. Children's Program in a village on the islan of Bacolod, Philippines
Children’s Program in a village on the island of Bacolod, Philippines.

6- Programs and outreaches were also organised ashore. These included church visits, practical projects, hospital and prison visits and much more. Many of these were performed in remote areas, sometimes very far from the ship.

7. Drydocks in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Drydocks in Colombo, Sri Lanka

7- When we joined, the MV Doulos was 94 years old. It was by far the oldest active ocean-faring passenger ship, but in need of constant maintenance to stay sea-worthy. A yearly drydocks was also required for major works.

Work Ashore. Building Project in a children’s school in Kampong Speu, Cambodia.

8- Work was not only onboard, but we were involved regularly in diverse practical projects to serve the community.

Praying for Malta with George Verwer (Founder of OM)